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Hamad’s Company of Heroes Maps

Since the days of the original FarCry, I’ve been addicted to world builders. Although I started out making maps for shooters, currently my love is directed at strategy games in the form of Company of Heroes.

In my book, Company of Heroes, is hands down the finest real time strategy game out there. The game play is immersive, addictive, and pure fun. With a 3D engine supporting plenty of eye-candy and DX10, the game isn’t bad looking either.

If you’re a Company of Heroes ( COH ) fan, have a look at some of my maps.

HD Map 3 (6p)

HD Bridge Central (6p)

HD Islands Trees (6p)

HD Sectors (6p)

HD Terrain (6p)

HD High Maintenance (6p)

HD Fun Encounter (6p)

HD Fun Half Moon (6p)

HD Fun Full Moon (6p)

HD Fun Caldera (6p)

HD The Zone

HD Crossfire


Please visit this space again. My friends and I are always working on new maps, and you will be able to download them here.

Happy Annihilation!

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2 Responses to “Hamad’s Company of Heroes Maps”

  1. have you tried startcraft 2 or warhammer retrubution , trust me its a nother level of strategy >:)

  2. hamad says:

    I must admit I haven’t tried StarCraft. However, i did try warhammer. Although I must admit, I didn’t really enjoy warhammer… but perhaps I didn’t give it enough chance! and I only played it on my own, which isn’t really the best way to enjoy a strategy game.

    however :) I really still enjoy company of heroes. I like the realistic atmosphere personally.
    However, PC gaming had a really bad year!!!!! BF3 is really good, and hopefully Borderlands 2 will do something nice like the first one.

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