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An Exciting Holiday Season for Gamers

With many fantastic games on the verge of release in the coming few months, gamers couldn’t be more excited. Being the Shooter fanatic I am, I can’t resist drooling over the following coming up titles:

  • Medal of Honor

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Brink

  • Rage

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2 Responses to “An Exciting Holiday Season for Gamers”

  1. I am really disappointed. Thought the game would be at least as good as MW-2 if not better but it seems like you are playing it on PS2. Character animations, sounds, weapons look, graphic details are all at best less then mediocre. Through the 3 rd mission, I lost interest and gave up. The game makers did a huge mistake not giving the contract to the developers who made MW and MW2. I am returning the game tomorrow. My grade C-

  2. hamad says:

    To be honest my friend I am quite disappointed with this entire list. RAGE has something but not enough.
    BF3 is really good, I quite enjoy it… and lately I’ve been playing Dungeon Defenders!!!! which is realllllly not my kind of game, but I found it to be surprisingly good and addictive.

    I am waiting for Borderlands 2! that HAS to be good.

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